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Event Series Event Series: Let’s talk about… (monthly group)

Let’s talk about… (monthly group)

Date: Every 3rd Sunday of the month
Time 15:00-17:00 (15 minute break 16:00-16:15)

Room : Library (Fully accessible room)


  • 17h Sept
  • 15 oct
  • 19 Nov
  • 17 Dec


The theme of the session on the 17th Sept will be:

Why do we incarnate, again and again and again? What is the purpose of life?


Let’s talk about things we don’t often talk about and share what we think.

Certainly some of the things I practice to develop myself, to find God, to find the meaning of life or to become a better human being, I rarely talk about and I rarely hear other people talk about.

However I think (hope) that we can learn from each other by sharing what is going on inside ourselves.

Discussion groups like this can get bogged down by disagreements or by people exclusively wanting to talk about what they believe in (as if they are trying to convince others to believe the same).

I would like us to be disciplined in our talking AND listening. A few guidelines might help to create a respectful, open and relaxed space.

Guidelines and practicalities:

  •  At the start of each meeting the guidelines are to be considered, modified (if desired) and adopted for the meeting
  •  Whatever is talked about in the meeting is totally confidential and will not be discussed outside the meeting (also not in the break), not even with people who were present at the time.
  • Like using a talking stick (we may or may not use a physical talking stick): only one person speaks. Optional: the person who is speaking can invite brief comments or answer short questions.
  • Silence between speakers (1-5 minutes). Optional: silence during the 15 minute break.
  • Agree a maximum time that one person can speak (5 minutes?)
  • If a speaker goes on too long or goes off-topic, anyone can gently ring the bell. (Only ring the bell gently; It is up to the speaker to change/stop/come to the point; this should not be used to discourage people from speaking what is on their mind, even if you disagree or do not understand).
  • We share our OWN experiences/opinions/ideas – we do not give each other advice or criticise each other. We do not present other people’s teachings/wisdoms except if it is needed to give context to the subject and our own experience.

Before attending please email Geetam: geetam0@gmail.com

(Geetam is paying the room rent; please give your financial contribution to him)


We agree what the subject is and what the subject for the next session will be. I have a few ideas of my own and we will start with one of them: “meditation”

Possible Subjects of exploration

“Meditation” can cover a whole range of techniques and traditions (separate subjects?):
◦ Why meditate?
◦ What is your experience when you meditate?
◦ How do you meditate?
◦ Is Mindfulness different from meditation?

What have you tried that did not work or did not work the way you expected?
◦ techniques, rituals, therapies, religious practices

◦ Words: e.g. Source, Goddess, (named) Deity , Life Force, Creator, etc.
◦ Is it useful to use the word [God] and what do you mean by it?
◦ Do you have an image of [God], a bit like a personal image or an image that a
certain religion suggests; or do you use the word [God] for the underlying
creative/life force of the universe; or something else?

Is it useful to ask: “Who am I?”
◦ Variations: “Who am I?”, “What am I?”, “Where is the ‘me’; inside, outside,


◦ Is it a problem or a feature?
◦ How do you experience it?

◦ What is it?
◦ Does free will exist?

◦ Life is a mystery to be lived, not a problem to be solved.
◦ Whether you believe in a divine plan or in the big bang and random evolution,
the fact that we are here as sentient beings, talking to each other is a miracle.

Life after/before death

◦ Heaven & Hell
◦ Reincarnation

• What is the Salisbury Centre about?