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Kundalini Yoga Workshop

Death, Fearlessness, and the Power of Shadow.

You are invited to this powerful Kundalini Yoga Workshop with Gong Bath – Death, Fearlessness, and the Power of Shadow.

None of us are immune to death. We can pretend it doesn’t touch our lives. We can avoid the deeply ill and dying by turning away. We can put on a smile and pretend all is well. But still, it’s there, and gazing fearlessly into the eyes of death can create huge openings in our lives.

Opening to death is opening to life and serves as the alternative to remaining locked in a hopeless embrace with fear.

When the fear of death has no hold over us, we are free to live more fully.

We will explore our relationship with death and life through Kundalini Yoga, meditations, pranayama, and a powerful Gong Bath. This work is the most transformational and opening practice in the traditions of Kundalini Yoga.

Your experience of this transformational yoga workshop with the therapeutic sound journey will help you to transcend and clear your fears and to become reborn into the beauty of life again.

The workshop will take place on the auspicious day – November the 1st. This day is celebrated around the world. It honors and celebrates the lives of those who have passed. It is All Saints Day in Christianity; it is also the Celtic and Pagan holiday of Samhain when bonfires are lit to honor the dearly departed and aid them on their journey.

In many cultures, this is a period where the veils between the worlds are the thinnest, so it is a perfect time for us to pause, honor and pay homage and reflect on death and life.

This is a beautiful and auspicious time to create space for our transformative work and to experience the infinity and deathlessness of the Consciousness.

Facilitators –

Chanan Tej Kaur: Buddhist Counsellor, Mindfulness and Kundalini Yoga Teacher, Founder of Blue Morpho Edinburgh Ltd., completed Gong Master Training with Don Conreaux (http://www.donconreaux.com/) originator of the Gong bath, and world famous Gong player and teacher Aidan McIntyre.

The cost of the workshop is £25

If you have any questions contact Chanan Tej on 07821796299, counselling@bluemorphocentre.co.uk

Please contact Chanan if you suffer from a sound sensitive condition, epilepsy, serious mental health problems, undergoing a major treatment, have peacemaker, or are pregnant, before signing up for this workshop. Thank you.