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Introduction to Shamanism

Shamanism is the most time tested mind/body healing method that we know of today dating back at least 40,000 years. It was practised in all five continents which includes the Celtic and Pictish peoples of ancient Britain.

Through the use of these ancient ways, participants will be initiated into ‘shamanic journeying’, a remarkable visionary method employed to access other realms and discover individual spirit helpers and teachers. We will explore a variety of methods on how the shamanic journey can be used to restore spiritual power and health, plus it’s application in daily life not only for the self but for other individuals, communities, the land and its inhabitants.

Focusing on the shamanic journey, this experiential weekend workshop will introduce the basic principles of cross cultural core-shamanism including:

  • introduction to shamanism & shamanic drumming
  • finding and working with your personal spirit helpers and teachers
  • introduction to shamanic healing
  • shamanic divination as a means to deepen your connection with nature and the elements
  • teachings of the medicine wheel
  • participation in a ‘community healing’.

Cost: £125 (non residential)

For enquiries, please contact Embracing Shamanism at admin@embracingshamanism.org

For bookings, please follow the booking procedure on the Embracing Shamanism website: https://www.embracingshamanism.org/training/introduction/

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