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Holi Festival of Colours & Spring Equinox Celebration @ The Salisbury Centre

Also known as the Festival of Spring, the Festival of Colours and the Festival of Love, Holi is a celebration originating as a Hindu tradition to welcome the arrival of spring and the blossoming of love. It is a festive day to meet others, play and laugh, forget and forgive, and repair broken relationships. This celebration speaks to the values of the centre, especially community, celebration and spirituality.

This event is perfect for the general audience, including families and practicing Hindus. For the afternoon, it is recommended that visitors wear white/light coloured clothing that they dont mind getting coloured up!

Day schedule:
  • 1pm – Welcome with refreshments, nibbles
  • 1pm-3.30pm – Circle dancing, walking a labyrinth with someone, colouring/painting each other, relaxing by the garden and the fire
  • 3.30-4.30pm – Intention setting by the fire, communal ceremony
  • 4.30pm-5pm – Close and clean-up


Book a place via Event-brite:  link here (TBC soon)


About the Facilitators

Mitra and Declan (lead facilitators) are avid volunteers and visitors of the Salisbury Centre since Autumn 2021. As international residents in Edinburgh, they are passionate about sharing their culture through communal spaces and joyful celebrations.

For any question or further info contact:

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