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Harmonic Mantra Chanting & Mindful Movement

Harmonic Mantra Chanting & Mindful Movement with Francesco Benvenuti
Weekly on Mondays 2.30-4 pm in the Salisbury Centre Studio
Suggested donation £6-£10

This class provides a relaxed welcoming setting to nurture inner peace and harmony, through a balance of chanting mantras & harmonic songs, silent meditation and mindfulness movement.

When we gather to sing/chant together, we give a rest to our minds (MANTRA literally means “freeing the mind”) enabling our body essence to relax, de-stress, recharge and feel part of a deeper peaceful resonance with ourselves and with others.

After some warm-ups we will be sharing Sanskrit mantra for healing as well as simple 2 or 3 parts harmony songs from a variety of traditions (context and meaning of each song will be given to honour its roots and avoid cultural appropriation)

May you wish to share your favourite mantra, chant or a new song at a session, please get in touch beforehand writing to francescobenvenuti.ed@gmail.com..

This sessions are designed to be a weekly community space to sing, play music and share a relaxing hearth opening time together.

No previous singing experience required, just a desire and willingness to explore your voice, body and mind, by opening and experiencing an hearth-filled intentional space


The class will be divided in two parts:

1) 14.30- 15:00 – Landing Qi-gong & body/voice warm up

In the first part we will do a short body meditation to arrive and ground fully in the space, connect to the breath, and practice some simple Qi Gong body warms up & voice opening excercises. Qi Gong is an ancient health-promoting practice which uses breath, mindful movements and focussed awareness to open the energy challenges inthe body

2) 15.00-16.00 – Harmonic group chanting (Manta & World Kirtan songs)

The second part of the session will involve group mantra chanting.
Live instruments will include guitar, shakers and/or indian harmonium.
(If you play an instrument feel free to bring it along as you might be able to join in the playing).

Inspired by the kirtan tradition, many of the songs will be call & response songs where there is no need to worry about learning specific lyrics.. you can simply stop your mind and simply sing..


Financial Exchange:

Suggested donation to cover basic room rental and session preparation time is on a sliding scale £6-10 ( this cover my expenses and motivates me to keep a regular session going to the benefits of all… however if this is really a problem and you can’t afford it get in touch )


About the facilitator:

Sessions will be facilitated by Francesco Benvenuti, a passionate Shiatsu Massage Practitioner, Movement Instructor, Singing voice facilitator, Ceremonial space holder and a Carrier of the Sacred Fire. He composes his own songs which he loves sharing in a variety of ceremonial settings and festival.

(see more about Francesco’s work here : www.resonancetherapies.life )