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Gentle Strength – Craniosacral Therapy

Our fast-paced, complex lives often demand constant reaction. Craniosacral Therapy involves bringing us back to that sense of stillness that is always present within us. Reconnecting with this stillness can be a resource for us in our everyday lives ? a space to refuel, to take a fresh look at what we have to face day to day. My clients can begin to notice they feel more of a sense of control and more effective. They reconnect with their potential. Old patterns begin to unwind and release. Greater clarity emerges while aches and pains disappear. In simple terms, things start to flow more easily ? inwardly and in the outside world around us The role of the Craniosacral practitioner is to listen to your body in a very deep way, mirroring any restrictions or areas of stuckness back to the body so that it can use its natural intelligence to help things readjust or release and resolve. Tel. 07890189757 Email: bryony@craniosacralscotland.com Web: www.craniosacralscotland.com

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