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Full Moon Shamanic Drum Gathering

Exchange £20- (£15 concessions) payable in cash on the evening. No previous drumming experience required , just a willingness to see where the drum beat takes you, either by active participation or by listening, if you so choose. Come and enjoy time with other souls. I have some drums to borrow and also rattles and shakers. If you have your own drum please bring it along. Please book via myself: Katrina Snow. Mobile: 07813432127 Home : 01316634930 ( answer machine) Email: Katrina.snow@live.co.uk Shamanic drumming is the oldest form of meditation known to humanity. The drum beat connects us to the ways of the ancients. The traditions of the indigenous people. Drumming , either alone or in a group, assists us with releasing tension and stress from the body inviting us to be in a state of deep relaxation. Trauma stored in our memories may contribute to illness. When we drum we can find ourselves moving away from everyday reality in a deep and unique way whilst still connected and supported by those drumming with us. The evening shall be structured with journeys whilst drumming, to maybe meet some power animals, maybe some guides ! We shall progress to drumming to send out healing energy to our planet as we learn to immerse deeper with the rhythms. The evening is held by myself in safety. No one has to do anything they do not wish to. Those present will form our ”Tribe”. The vibrations come from the drums interacting with the unique energies of that tribe. To finish, you can relax on yoga mats under a cosy blanket and connect to the sound of the rain stick and the ocean drum……… I look forward to meeting with you all. Many Blessings.