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Free Intro to The Source of Energy Meditation

Free Intro to The Source of Energy Meditation

Thursday 4th May 20:15 – 21:30
For all levels.

The class will begin with a few warming up practices for the body and the breath. The initial steps of the meditation will be taught, which will include a special breath called Ujjayi pranayama and will also include chakra concentration. The class will end with a deep relaxation called Yoga Nidra.

This class is very effective at relieving stress, and you will learn tools to train resilience.

I encourage students not to compare themselves with each otherĀ as you will be working with your own body and doing the best you can with what you have.

The full course will begin in the following week for those who want to continue by learning the full extent of this deep reaching meditation.

If you are interested in attending the introduction email me at scotyogameditation@gmail.com

You can find more info about my courses on www.scotyoga.co.uk

Vasistha Jyoti