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Fire and Cacao Ceremony – Restoring Balance

Fire and Cacao Ceremony – Restoring Balance

Belinda and Fionn, the Wise and Wild, Owl and Wolf duo invite you to join us for a sacred Fire and Cacao Ceremony.

As we head towards the Autumn Equinox (Mabon), day and night will be of equal length.   This is a deeply potent time to embrace and restore balance as we transition into a new season.

The autumn equinox indicates a moment of stillness before the Earth starts to shift away from the sun, a time to restore balance to our feminine and masculine principles.

In preparation for this powerful moment of stillness, we will be celebrating our whole selves, the conscious and unconscious, the light and dark, the doing and the being. It is the season to get in touch with our power, strength, inner focus, and reconnect with our inner wisdom. This is a time to honour ourselves and all that we have accomplished over the past few months.  This is a time of harvest and a time to remember that we are part of a whole, not separate from it.

We will be weaving together the heart-opening magic of Mamma Cacao, the transformative power of fire and the recalibrating sound of the drum to focus on restoring balance as we prepare ourselves for the changes in the Earth’s energy for the coming months.

By deepening our connection to our truth, our hearts, our feminine power and our great Mother Earth who holds us in her love, we begin to see the invisible vibration of Creation that pulses and breathes with all of Life.

Fire & Cacao Ceremony (Sister Circle)

Date: Sunday, 17 September 2023

Time: 15:30 -18:30

Venue: The Salisbury Centre

Exchange: £40.00

Registration / More Details: https://wild-power-alchemy.cademy.co.uk/fire-and-cacao-ceremony-restoring-balance-sister-circle

There are only 13 spaces available for the ceremony, be quick to book your space!

Who are Belinda and Fionn:

Belinda and Fionn have been hosting Sister Circles, Cacao Ceremonies and various workshops for over 3 years. One is Wise and the other is Wild. Belinda is the magical life expert with a passion for going with the flow, recognising what our body and soul needs and listening to them and Fionn is a certified Cacao Practitioner, Shamanic Priestess and a Reiki Teacher who has a deep passion for Cacao, Goddess archetypes and all things wild and free!

Fionn is a certified Cacao Practitioner, trained by Firetree Alchemy.