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Family Workshop to support the Anxious Child

If you child is anxious, can’t sleep, worries about everything, struggles to go to school or has behaviour issues, then this is the workshop for your family. I teach a technique that when learnt by the whole family, it can make a significant difference to your child. They will feel supported and you will all have a strategy to turn to that is easy and fun to use. The workshop lasts an hour. It’s fun and the only thing you need to bring is your imagination, a notepad and pen. Children have great imaginations but they don’t always use it in a positive way, so this workshop shows them how to use it in a positive way and I will give ideas and suggestions for you to go home with and try out, hopefully making life a little easier for everyone. You receive a free copy of My Magical Garden (value £9.95) book which is the basis of the workshop Come along with your child and experience a fun and exciting new approach to empower and boost emotional wellbeing. You will create a Magical Garden in your mind through guided imagery and this becomes a tool to help your child regulate their emotions and discover emotional calm. The workshop will: *Give your family a new approach to help with Emotional Wellbeing *Boost your child’s confidence *Help with behavioural issues *Strengthen parent/child bond *Help with focus and concentration For questions and bookings, please contact Jacqui at jax@holistichealing4children.com