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Extended Community Supper

Monday 15th May 2023

@ The Salisbury Centre (2 Salisbury Road)

Evening Host: Chloe (Who steers the Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Sub-Committee @ the Centre)

The Salisbury Centre usually hosts monthly community suppers on a Monday  where local community bring and share food. From March 2023 onward the Centre will then host a monthly extended Community Supper on the 3rd Monday of each month, every month with a specific theme.

Specifically on Monday the 15th May the supper theme will be  Focusing on Inclusion at the Salisbury Centre.

Please bring a bring a dish to share 🙂

We will finish earlier than the stated time to  help clearing up afterwards.

(Drop-ins on the day welcome!)

These sessions will take place on the ground floor and is wheelchair accessible.

We have a level floor accessible toilet and all our toilets are all gender.

For more information about the accessbility of the centre please follow the link below- https://www.salisburycentre.org/contact/accessbility/

For any questions about accessbility please email chloe@salisburycentre.org


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