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Extended Community Supper – Ritualistic Georgian Supra (Toasting our Values!)

Monday 17th April 2023

@ The Salisbury Centre (2 Salisbury Road)

Evening Host: Francesco (Who usually lead Georgian Singing group @ the Centre)

The Salisbury Centre usually hosts monthly community suppers on a Monday  where local community bring and share food. From March 2023 onward the Centre will then host a monthly extended Community Supper on the 3rd Monday of each month, every month with a specific theme.

Specifically on Monday 17th April the supper theme will be “Ritualistic Georgian Supra” and will partly focus on raising toast to building resilience in the local community and to honour the 50th Anniversary of The Salisbury Centre (see here)

A Georgian supra is a traditional feasts which brings people together in a focused way to celebrate our core values and the true riches of life. We’ll share our wishes and positive reflections as well as good food and drink, and there will of course be singing, poetry and in the mix. So please bring any:

  • Song
  • Poem
  • Short story

As there might be just the right occasion or toast to share it! 🙂
Please bring a bring a dish to share and something to drink. Grape juice is traditional to toast with, but of course you are free to bring a drink of your choice (No Alcohol or Wine as The Salisbury Centre is a alcohol free building) .

We will finish earlier than the stated time to  help clearing up afterwards.

To express interest or enquiry please email: events@salisburycentre.org 

(Drop-ins on the day welcome!)


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