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Exploring Eyesight: group session



27/01/2024 – Wellspring Room

17/02/2024 – Library

09/03/2024 – Wellspring Room


How is our eyesight affected by our lives?

And how does the way we see the world – both mentally and physically – impact how we actually experience and engage with life?


If you are someone who has eyesight struggles, have you ever wondered why they occurred seemingly at random? Why somehow out of the blue, you got a diagnosis that meant you weren’t going to see clearly naturally any more in life, and you had no control over it whatsoever…yet you had been seeing clearly until that point? Have you noticed that consistently wearing glasses has made your prescription go up – in other words, make your eyesight get worse, – over time? Why would that be?


Maybe you have wondered if it’s possible to improve your eyesight, but then felt overcome by doubt and let it drop by the wayside? Or maybe you’ve heard of eye-exercises that maybe could help, but they seem boring and mechanical and you’re not sure if you’d just be wasting your time and making a fool of yourself.


I’ve been there…


About the sessions

These sessions are intended for exploring different techniques, practices, and perspectives of holistic eyesight improvement, with an invitation for some gentle physical movement (in the garden weather permitting!), and group reflection.


This is for anyone who is curious about this topic, who experiences difficulties with their vision and is willing to have an open mind.


If you wear glasses, I invite you to remove them for the session to be able to work with your natural state of vision. Likewise, if you wear lenses, consider wearing your glasses to this session instead so that you can easily remove them.


This is not a therapy session, but a place for discussing the topic, practising techniques and sharing progress and discoveries amongst the group


If there is enough interest I would love to run these sessions more regularly.


Email negomi56@gmail.com with email title “Exploring Eyesight” to reserve a place and/or ask questions. If desired, I can also let you know about future sessions via email and share some insights and resources in between times.


Suggested donation towards venue hire is £7, but please just pay what you can. I will send you bank transfer details when you book.


The facilitator


My name is Imogen and I’ve been devoting time to eyesight improvement for about 3 years now.

I got my first set of glasses age 12/13 when I started high-school and stuck with them (and contact lenses) pretty much until lock-down started. I knew vaguely about eyesight improvement but had little faith in it, or resources to draw from, let alone any people around with really compelling personal experience. Since last summer, I have been working with a vision coach after going it alone for quite a while, and have had many improvements and insights since then, as well as periods of perfect sight, and a slowly rising baseline.

If there are other people who want to dive into this work, I really want to help create a space for us to meet, share and support each other, as this makes a huge difference to progress and makes getting through difficult periods easier.