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Exploring Eyesight: group support session for eyesight improvement (Rescheduled from 1st to 8th June)

Rescheduled from 1st to 8th June

Exploring Eyesight: group support session for eyesight improvement


11:00-13:00 on following dates:

Sunday 31st March
Saturday 13th April
Saturday 27th April
Sunday 12th May
Saturday 8th June
Saturday 22nd June
Saturday 6th July
Saturday 20th July
Saturday 3rd August
Saturday 17th August
Saturday 31st August


Wellspring Room

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Wellspring Room is fully accessible. The Salisbury Centre’s kitchen door and toilet are now wheelchair accessible. The Garden can also be accessed by wheelchairs via a movable ramp via the Art Room Annex. Please let the organisers know in advance of any access requirements.


About the sessions

These sessions are intended for exploring different techniques, practices, and perspectives of holistic eyesight improvement, with an invitation for some gentle physical movement (in the garden weather permitting!), and group reflection.
Healing eyesight naturally is not a new thing. Over 100 years ago, an optometrist called William Bates devoted his life to researching and teaching natural eyesight improvement as well as curing hundreds of people of their eyesight disorders with his assistant, Emily Learman. The techniques they used were varied, but ultimately very simple and focused on helping people achieve mental relaxation, as well as learning, or re-learning the habits of perfect sight. The methods are gentle, unintrusive and common sense. In these sessions we will practice and discuss some of these methods, as well as explore ones of our own, and any others we come across that we find helpful.
This is for anyone who is curious about this topic, who experiences difficulties with their vision and is willing to have an open mind.
If you wear glasses, I will invite you to remove them for parts of the session to be able to work with your natural state of vision. Likewise, if you wear lenses, consider wearing your glasses to this session instead so that you can easily remove them. If you have any questions about this, feel free to email me!
This is not a therapy session, but a place for discussing the topic, practising techniques and sharing progress and discoveries in person amongst the group.

About Imogen

My name is Imogen and I have been experimenting with improving my sight for about 3 years now, as well as researching and exploring the topic generally.
I got my first set of glasses at age 12/13 when I started high-school and stuck with them (and contact lenses) pretty much until lock-down 2020 started. I knew vaguely about eyesight improvement but had little faith in it, or resources to draw from, let alone any people around with really compelling personal experience. More recently, I have been working with a vision coach after going it alone for quite a while, and have improved my vision significantly since then.
For me, and many others I have met in this work, eyesight improvement can bring up lots of other aspects of healing along the way, as how we see things is often interlinked with our mind and subconscious. I really want to help create a space for others interested or already in the practice to meet, share, inspire and support each other along the way as this is often the key to making new discoveries and lasting changes.
Other things I do in life are gardening, regenerative agriculture, yoga, dance and exploring outdoors. My favourite place to watch the horizon is at the beach.
If you have any further questions about the sessions, contact me at negomi56@gmail.com


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Wellspring Room