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Exploration Into the Ancient Wisdom of Advaita Vedanta

We are blessed to have our visiting Teacher, Swami Bodhatmananda, back with us in Scotland and are fortunate to have the opportunity to attend one or both of his talks on an EXPLORATION INTO THE AGELESS WISDOM of ADVAITA VEDANTA.
They are open to anyone who may be interested, and while addressing all, will not assume any previous exposure to the traditional teaching.
Advaita Vedanta is the wisdom of nonduality. The teaching is designed to guide the one who is interested to recognize that s/he is already “Moksha”. Moksha can be translated as liberation, enlightenment or knowing the absolute truth. In the context of traditional learning, which has been conducted in the same way for hundreds and thousands of years, there is a transfer of direct  knowledge between the teacher and the student.
You can find more information on our website: https://advaitavedantascotland.co.uk/
Location: The Salisbury Centre, Edinburgh, EH16 5AB.
Offered on a Donation basis (suggested £5-£15).
COVID precautions requested.

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