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Energetic Cleansing for Spring

Energetic Cleansing for Spring

Workshop will be taking place within the Art Room
All genders and sexualities welcome.

Winter is finally fading into the past, and Spring is becoming our present!
This can be a difficult shift, going from the darkness to the light, but there are many wonderful ways to ease the stickiness felt.

We’ll be beginning our time together with Cacao made from: ceremonial grade Cacao, water, unsweetened oat milk, and maple syrup. With the option to add florals to invite the colour and vitality of Spring into your body. Acknowledging the hands of the people it has passed through with care before arriving with us at that moment.
Then we’ll begin activating our body guided through word and drum. Travelling around our bodies feeling and releasing each part, before shaking and moving freely to bring ourselves solidly into the room and into ourselves. Keeping with us the question of what we are due to release and what we are due to nourish in this change of season.
As we bring visualisation to this shedding and budding inspiration, you will have 2 pieces of paper and supplies. To create a piece acknowledging your shedding to bury and a piece acknowledging what is blooming from you to display or carry with you as a reminder.

Before leaving you will be given the option to have a final cleanse and quick energetic activation to support you outside of this space.

Cacao can have a negative effect on those who take SSRIs, antipsychotic medication, or have heart conditions. If you would rather receive a lower amount, this will be offered on the day with no questions. You are under no expectation to finish the Cacao, it’s yours to consume as you feel guided to.
Cups will be provided, but you are also welcome to bring your own if you’d prefer.
Any questions or curiosities, feel free to message me at Feral.Gaze@gmail.com

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