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Empowering and Transformative 2-day Retreat

Join Maija from Healing Hands –https://www.healinghandsedinburgh.co.uk/maija-kovalevska… and Cori from KOA – https://koa-edinburgh.co.uk for an empowering and transformative 2-day retreat in the heart of Edinburgh at the beautiful Salisbury Centre.

Many of our clients have shared with us they at times feel unsure of where their life is going, and feel a disconnect to their hearts, bodies, and soul. The last few years have created a variety of challenges and for many of us, we are now starting to re-emerge and find ourselves in a new world. Often we do not have enough time to pass and be, to listen to our hearts, rest and digest. For us to embrace transformation we need this time of reflection and space.
No experience in Yoga or Reiki is needed.
This retreat will be an opportunity to embrace and explore personal transformation from a holistic approach, taking into account the mind, body, emotions and soul.
This retreat is open to all and no experience is needed.
It is aimed at individuals who are feeling a bit unsettled, lost, and unbalanced and wish to reconnect with themselves and explore their purpose. It is also aimed at individuals who are already on a spiritual journey and ready to take the next step on their path.
Maija is a reiki master and teacher with a wide variety of experience and expertise in well-being.
Cori is a trauma-informed somatic and holistic practitioner with a passion for encouraging beings to connect with their inner resources. Together they aim to hold a supportive and nourishing space where all attendees can have the space to grow.
If you are open to growing, develop, come into your own, this retreat is for you.
When: 25 & 26 November 2023, 11- 5
Where: Salisbury Centre, Edinburgh
Important: This is a 2-day event and individual days cannot be booked.
What to expect:
– Supportive welcoming and trauma-informed facilitators
– A mixture of experiential and informative sessions
– Time to share and reflect
– Reiki flow
– Yoga, restorative and yin
– Mindful eating at lunchtime as a community
– Mindful movement and walking
– Somatic experiencing
– Journalling
– A closing releasing fire ritual outdoors weather permitting
Price: £190 for 2 days
KOA and Healing Hands regulars as well as anyone struggling financially at present can contact us for a community price.