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Embodied Practice & Socio-Ecological Justice




Embodied Practice and Socio-Ecological Justice

How can we respond to the presently unavoidable need for action in support of social and ecological justice?Though collective embodied practice, somatics finds its social relevance in initiating and supporting movement towards social and ecological justice.
Even if we often feel powerless to take any effective actions to generate a change, either collectively or individually, rethinking and reconceptualising our degrading and extractive relationship to the environment, as well as our engagement with social issues such as human and environmental rights, is necessary.
During this monthly two-hour session we will aim to support each other into the development of an embodied agency in generating the changes needed to happen individually and collectively.Together we will experience embodied practice as a dynamic way to connect with our ability of resilience, self-reflection, self-discovery, and manifest our visions, longings and desires for a more sustainable and functional society.
Embodied practice brings attention to the integration and articulation of our body-mind (bodily sensations and perceptions, our thoughts, emotions, psycho and our spirit) which by its nature is connected to the collective body-mind, part of the whole, human, and other then human reality (wildlife, natural vegetation, landscapes, skies, space and beyond).
Somatic exploration involves working with visualization, movement, improvisation, touch, breath, and sound, witnessing oneself and the processes of others. Together we will develop a process for embodied discovery and knowledge. Vital is the awareness of our embodied knowledge for oneself and vital is the ability to share it with each other.Through embodied practice we can deeply cultivate ourselves. Participants will deepen and unfold their somatic awareness and find it a powerful way to enable action on issues of social justice and ecology.
Time together is dedicated to liberating ourselves from socially and culturally imposed patterns of alienation from the environment and each other to generate a collective healing and to find each of us within ourselves the agency to thrive in our relationship with the world
Participation is open to everyone, and attendance is by donation. Suggested donation £10.  (40% donations will be offered to the Salisbury Centre)
To register your attendance please contact monica: imprevistodanza@gmail.com
First workshop
Wednesday 8th December 18.30-20.30 Studio
About the facilitator:
Monica De Ioanni (RSME, IDME, PDA, PhD) a dance and arts community Educator for the past 15 years, works in the UK and internationally. With a Ph.D in Environmental Science, Professional Development Awards (PDAs) in Arts Education in Practice and extensive training in Dance and Physical Theatre, Monica qualified in Somatic Movement Education with Embody-Move (embody-move.co.uk). Monica has both a multidisciplinary and a personal perspective of movement, ecology, arts and education. Monica is a Registered Professional Member of the International Somatic Movement Education and Therapy Association (ISMETA).More info about Monica visit WWW.IMPREVISTODANZA.COM

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