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Embodied Practice and and Socio-Ecological Justice



Vital is the awareness of our embodied knowledge for oneself and vital is the ability to share it with each other.

Though collective embodied practice, somatics finds its social relevance in initiating and supporting movement towards social and ecological justice.
Each session of the course will be dedicated to a specific aspect of embodiment and a body system. Together we will experience embodied practice as a dynamic way to connect with our ability of resilience, self-reflection, self-discovery, and manifest our visions, longings and desires for a more sustainable and functional society.
Somatic movement experience allows trust in the discovery of the self, along with self expression in space and with others. There will be space for self-reflection and time for sharing though movement and also vocally or drawing.
We work in bare feet. Please wear comfortable clothes and bring water. Feel free to bring a notebook with you if you like to make notes during the session.
Soma (from Greek: body) is the living body, the breathing, moving, sensitive and perceived body. The moving body becomes an instrument of unfolding knowledge and awareness
Somatic exploration involves working with visualisation, movement, improvisation, touch, breath, and sound, witnessing oneself and the processes of others. Together we will develop a process for embodied discovery and knowledge. Vital is the awareness of our embodied knowledge for oneself and vital is the ability to share it with each other.
Through embodied practice we can deeply cultivate ourselves. Participants will deepen and unfold their somatic awareness and find it a powerful way to enable action on issues of social justice and ecology. Time together is dedicated to liberating ourselves from socially and culturally imposed patterns of alienation from the environment and each other to generate a collective healing and to find each of us within ourselves the agency to thrive in our relationship with the world.

Participation is open to everyone, and attendance is by donation.
Booking in advance is essential
Suggested donation £15. Feel free to donate what you can.
40% donations will be offered to the Salisbury Centre.

To register your attendance please contact Monica: imprevistodanza@gmail.com

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