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Edinburgh Climate Cafe’

A simple social gathering with facilitators where we can talk about our thoughts and feelings about the climate crisis

About this event

A Climate Café is an opportunity to give ourselves time to sit, perhaps with a hot drink and a slice of cake, and describe our thoughts and feelings about the crises of our ecology.

Climate Cafés are bounded by confidentiality although they are not therapy sessions. We invite you to take part in a warm, hospitable, facilitated conversation where you can reflect on your and others’ feelings without being bounced into action. This is one way of coping with the challenges facing us all.

This Climate Café will be held at the Salisbury Centre, an inclusive community space just east of the Meadows in Edinburgh. Tea and hot drinks will be available from the Salisbury Centre’s kitchen (small donation suggested), and the facilitators will provide some biscuits and snacks. You are welcome to bring your own too!

More about Climate Cafés

The concept of a Climate Café as an advice-free space for discussion is promoted by the Climate Psychology Alliance among other groups. You can read CPA member Rebecca Nestor’s description of the format here: https://rebeccanestor.co.uk/2020/08/10/what-exactly-is-a-climate-cafe/

This event is free and anyone aged 18 years and over, from any background, is warmly welcome. Please feel free to share the event with your friends and family.

There is a limit on numbers to ensure space for discussion. If all the spaces are full please do join the waitlist or register your interest in future sessions by writing to us at edinburghclimatecafe@gmail.com.

We are in the process of organising multiple Climate Cafés in Edinburgh, but they are not designed as a series or programme and you are welcome to attend one or more events as you wish.

If you can no longer attend an event please let us know by email or by going to the ‘Tickets’ section of your Eventbrite account.


Bookings & More info

Cafe’ in person at the Centre 
  • Sep Wed 7th
  • Oct Wed 5th
  • Nov Wed 2nd
  • Dec Wed 7th

Book here for any of the above in person meet-up: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/edinburgh-climate-cafe-in-person-at-the-salisbury-centre-tickets-391625180457




Safe access

When attending this in-person event, please follow The Salisbury Centre’s safe access guidelines to care for yourself and others in the Centre’s community.

Most importantly, if you are experiencing any symptoms which might indicate Covid-19, if you have been in contact with somebody with actual or suspected Covid-19, or if you are in a period of quarantine please do not attend.

Please click on this link to read the Salisbury Centre’s safe access guidelines: https://www.salisburycentre.org//wp-content/uploads/2021/08/SAFE-ACCESS-Guidelines-for-attendees.pdf

The facilitators

Tom, Elspeth, Susana, Harriet, Nadine, Alexa and Ewan have received training from the Climate Psychology Alliance to facilitate Climate Cafés. All of us have broad-ranging, varied experiences of group facilitation. For these events, we will usually facilitate in pairs so you will get to meet two of us at a time.
[Cover image: White flowers blossoming from a tree in Edinburgh, taken by one of the facilitators in May 2021]