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Ecstatic Dance & Sound Healing

Ecstatic Dance & Sound Healing | 3rd December | 6-9PM

Scotland Ecstatic Dance. This is a freeform movement journey, held in a safe and sacred container, & facilitated by Mika Benjamin & Taimi. It’s a place where we can be our unique selves, and also connected to a common source. The dance will be finished off with a healing sound journey experience.

Why should I join ecstatic dance?

+ Liberation: freeing your mind and body, expressing yourself without inhibition
+ Ecstasy: meditative and free movement leading to trance and a feeling of ecstasy
+ Emotional Release: let go what no longer serves you through conscious movement & emerge cleansed and uplifted
+ Mood Booster: raise serotonin levels & increase self-esteem whilst reducing depression and anxiety
+ Community Building: dancing together is a way to experience connection on a non-verbal & primordial level
+ Healing through sound: enjoy healing frequencies as a cool down & integration after the dance (check the line up for our special guest sound healer)
+ Healthy Dancing: connecting with yourself and others in a safe space without drinking

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Cost: £25.55