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Earth Holders Edinburgh New Moon Gatherings

The Gatherings will take place every month on the new moon.
Earth Holders Edinburgh New Moon Gatherings
Earth-centred spiritual practice at each new moon.
Earth Holders Edinburgh is a community taking mindful action for Mother Earth. We practice non-violent direct action for the sake of our beloved planet and all life. We see this as an integral part of our spiritual life, balancing the inner path of mindfulness with the outer path of action. We come from different spiritual traditions, and are open to members of all faiths and none. We draw strength and wisdom from our connection with nature and with the Earth. We are an evolving and inclusive group actively seeking new members.To support each other in our practice, we gather at each new moon, the dark of the moon being a time for reflection and inner work. Each month, two members of the group host the gathering in the garden of the Salisbury Centre. All are welcome. If you wish to, feel free to bring a short poem, reading, song or activity to share.You can get in touch with us at earthholders.edinburgh@gmail.com. To receive our irregular newsletter about upcoming events, stories and reflections, please send a message entitled “Subscribe” to the same address, or visit this link.


BOOK your space here: https://eh-new-moon.eventbrite.co.uk 

Robert and Maria  will host the next gathering, on Thursday 10th June, 5-6.30 pm.
For future dates see the calendar or Eventbrite
I hope this help to keep the energy of the Earth Holders group going