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Dream Group – Dreams & Vision at The Salisbury Centre 

As part of The Salisbury Centre 50th anniversary themed event programme Gelda MacGregor is holding a 9 weeks online Dream Group themedDreams & Vision at The Salisbury Centre – Present, Past & Future”

The group, which offers a transformative journey into co-creating with your unconscious, will introduce a number of dreamwork methods  (e.g. using the dream ego, dialogue, artwork, key questions, working with nightmares) and ways to understand the importance and relevance of dream symbols to your everyday life, as we “ We dream to wake to life”.

A weekly evening dream group from :

  • Dates:  Monday 30th January – till 27th March 2023
  • Time :  19:00- 21:00 pm
  • Location: Zoom
  • Recommended donation :  £ 15 Per session or £ 7 concession


Booking Required (limited number of participants) :

If interested in enrolling please contact Gelda directly on +44-309 694826



About the facilitator:

Gelda MacGregor was introduced to the power of dreams by Winifred Rushforth, at the Salisbury Centre in 1978, and immediately joined one of her groups. Dr.Winifred Rushforth, who was one of the key figure in the establishment of The Salisbury Centre, was trained as Carl Gustav Jung`s first psychotherapist in Scotland,and worked with dreams till she was 93!

Since 1978 Gelda trained in Jungian Mandala Dreamwork with Strephon Kaplan Williams and Hilary Scaife (author of the “Dreamwork Manual” and “Transforming Childhood”)  and worked as a qualified counsellor.  She has since run many on site dream groups in the Salisbury centre, in the late 80s and 90s and in physical settings, and later online in Forres and Findhorn where she now lives.

Gelda`s website information is on www.moraycomplementarytherapies.co.uk