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(**Postponed**) Devotional Music Concert (FUNDRAISER evening)

Due to unforeseen circumstances this events has been postponed.

 Please email FrancescoBenvenuti.ed@gmail.com if interested in being notified about the new date.


Join this  evening of devotional harmonic music, Sacred-rose flame & singalong concert at the Salisbury Centre!

Profits from ticket  sale and raffle prizes  will go toward supporting the Planetary Healing Centre (PHC) , an Edinburgh charity committed to holistic wellbeing, environmental stewardship, and community empowerment  (Read more about PHC here).


Community Raffle:  As a way to raise some more funds for the PHC, there will be an opportunities for any participant (Yes can be YOUI :)) to offer some skills, experience, or gifts  (e.g. a bodywork session, a walk in the park with Jhon, a drawing, a tarot reading, a free pass to a your yoga class etc..) as part of a raffle which will then be  called during the evening (And which will hopefully weave some new friendship and community connections :))

You can offer something on the day or you can write down what you’d like to offer, when asked, at the ticket purchase check-out

About the Evening: 

Expect  soul-nourishing music from Harmonic Mirrors (Francesco & Co.), Bee Flame (Dvorah)  & shiver inducing  3-part harmony polyphonic songs from some  Edinburgh Georgian Singers!

When: Friday 15th March 2024

Time: 18:30 – 21:00

Location: Salisbury Centre Studio (Unfortunately  not currently wheelchair accessible as it is upstairs)


18:30- 19:00 – Welcome with Snack-Food & Collection of Raffle offering (+buying raffle tickets)

19:00-20:40 – Musical sharing and devotional space

20:40- 21:00 – Raffle prizes & Closing

(Please try to arrive before 19:00, and leave after 20:40)

Devotion & the Sacred Rose-Flame 

The essence of the evening will be one of  musical and artistically sharing from the heart, as well as spontaneous prayers, in dedication  (not in performance) to something greater than the parts.   Devo

tional music is indeed music shared in acknowledgement that there is something beyond the individual which we value and pray for.

Expect songs where everyone can join in singing some of the repeating chorus, mantras and life-affirming messages.

Be ready to be cradled into an evening of  deep connection, meaningful and soul-nourishing music, singing for better times… times where a new paradigm is possible & our deepest dream for ever widening circles of connection, compassion and magic can be sang and manifested.

A mystical sacred Rose-Flame portable fire-place will also feature as part of the evening, as a tool to gather and share all positive energy  generated from the evening (More will be shared on the evening :))

About offerings on the evening:

Harmonic Mirrors:  Carrier of the Sacred Fire, Francesco, also known by his artist name “Harmonic Mirrors“, has been sharing his  musical talents and gifts at The Salisbury Centre for many year (both as a Staff team member as well as a community event facilitator).  Passionate about sharing his Music as Medicine around a sacred flame, you can read more about all his 1000’s passions and listen to his Recorded music here (www.Linktr.ee/harmonicMirrors) .  Francesco will make the whole Studio  sing in a bath of positive frequency and resonant harmonies!

Bee Flame: D’vorah is a soul-traveler & carries sounds and references from many traditions such as brazilian mpb, Latin american medicine music & indigenous songs with gentle yet uplifting vibes. In love with the celtic magik & an apprentice of the rose-flame… Drumming has always been pulsing through her ancestral veins. S upporting some of Francesco’s songs with drums and backing Dvorah will also share some uplifting songs from her home land.


Edinburgh Georgian Singers:   3-part harmonies shiver-inducing polyphonic songs from the Republic of Georgia sung by some of the passionate Edinburgh georgian singing lovers who meet regularly in Edinburgh