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Deepening Connection with Nature Course

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Course details

Becoming more finely attuned to our selves and other living beings, to natural phenomena and planetary cycles can help to bring us into a more harmonious relationship with ourselves, each other and the Earth. In this course, Nadine Andrews will teach practices to deepen our connection with nature and build relationships of care with particular places and their inhabitants. It is structured to give time and space to consolidate the learning and integrate practices into daily life between sessions.

The course takes a mindfulness-based approach and draws on Taoist philosophy and physical arts practice. We will develop our ability to notice through close observation and heightened sensory awareness, and by cultivating qualities of patience, slowness and humility. We will also explore natural navigation and place familiarisation, animal tracking and bird language, engaging with feelings about loss of nature, and how nature deals with stress and applying those insights to our own lives.

Sessions involve group work and solo practice, and as the 3rd session is close to the summer solstice we celebrate this turning point in the year and reflect on its psychological meanings.

Joining information

Due to the in-depth nature of the programme and a maximum number of 10 participants, we anticipate a high level of interest so we appreciate you completing and returning this application form by 9am Tuesday, May 14th. We will confirm if we can offer you a place as soon as possible after we receive your application.

Course dates and times

Course comprises one introductory evening session and four day sessions (more than 20 hours teaching time)

Introductory session:

Tuesday 28 May, 6-7.30pm

Day sessions:

Saturday, 1 June

Sunday, 2 June

Saturday, 22 June

Saturday, 17 August

*All day sessions are 10 – 3pm with optional social 3-3.30pm.

Locations: The course will be largely held out-doors in nature at parks around Edinburgh including: Craigmillar Castle Park, Bawsinch & Duddingston Loch  Nature Reserve, Newington Cemetery.

Course fee

With the support of the Salisbury Centre and Bridgend Farmhouse, we are proud to be able to offer this course for a fraction of the price if would normally be. However, we do not want price to be a barrier for anyone. We therefore are offering this course on a sliding scale with the price breakdown is as follows:

Pay it forward: £120 (support someone else to join the course)
Standard: £80
Subsidized: £35 (limited quantity)

We also offer the option of paying in instalments (all instalments need to be paid before the end of the course). Please contact us at gray@salisburycentre.org for details.

About Nadine Andrews:

Nadine is an accredited coach and qualified Mountain Leader and has been teaching mindfulness and nature connection for over 10 years since training in mindfulness teaching with Bangor University Centre for Mindfulness Research and Practice in 2013. She has practiced mindfulness meditation and Taoist physical arts for almost 20 years, and has completed many nature related training courses e.g. in biomimicry, bushcraft and tracking, wildlife identification, wild food foraging, natural navigation, permaculture design and ecopsychology. See https://lifefriendly.earth/ for more info.


  1. This course comprises one introductory session (90 mins) and four day sessions (5 hours each). Please make sure you can attend all the sessions before booking. If you miss 2 sessions you may be asked to leave the course as this can be disruptive to the group experience. Refunds will not be given if you miss any sessions or are asked to leave.
  2. Participants are expected to do at least one hour of home practice per week as part of a regular routine between sessions.
  3. As the course will mostly take place outdoors and at times on rough and uneven terrain, participants will need a degree of physical mobility. Participants are responsible for bringing appropriate outdoor clothing and equipment.

Personal equipment

British weather can be very changeable, so to make your experience as comfortable as possible, make sure you wear / bring appropriate clothing: waterproof jacket and trousers, sturdy waterproof shoes and warm layers (e.g. jumper & windproof coat) Please bring the following equipment:

  • notebook and pen/pencil
  • water bottle or flask
  • packed lunch or money to buy lunch (Bridgend Farmhouse sessions only)
  • sit mat / something waterproof to sit on
  • anything else you need to be comfortable for sitting or lying for long periods

Previous feedback

I had an idea in my head and it turned out to be so much deeper than I expected. I grew spiritually and my relationship with nature has changed so much… This course has not only helped the way I relate to nature but also other people and all the relationships of all kinds I have.”