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Daily Breath, Heart & Soul Prayer – creating a life of love

Would you like to start your day with a boost of excitement, motivation, Love, positive energy, body movement to feel ready and open to the infinite possibility of the new day ahead ? 


This 15 Minutes daily offering will  offer a safe and sacred space to cultivate the practice of movement, breath , heart and intention.

For the month of February, the month of love ,  Anne-Marie is offering a beautiful sacred experience to enable participants to connect to their inner  creative force

We will connect to our hearts and to the frequency we are choosing to surround  ourselves for the day ahead. We will move our breath and body in a dance of breath, then relax into a consciously connected diaphragmatic breath, to finally end by centering in the heart and our being .   The practice is around fifteen to twenty minutes.”

Location : This practice will be offered on zoom.

Time:  8:45 – 9:00 (approximately) – Every morning

Anne-Marie will be available from 8.35 am to discuss anything in the practice you would like to ask, and the session will start at 8.45 am promptly each morning.

To participate you will need a space where you will not be disturbed,  where you are able to stand and move a little and a space to sit down /lie down to breathe. If you are new to conscious breath work Anne-Marie will be able to offer guidance.

As Louise Hay says “ How you start you day is how you live your day, how you live your day is how you live your life”

These session will allow you to start your day consciously and powerfully . Our Frequency can creates our experience , and despite everything going on in the outer world, we can empower ourselves to reclaim our Sovereignty and Well-being through a  a clear intention and focussing on positive feeling (i.e. frequency) such as gratitude , kindness compassion , peace, ease, freedom , whatever YOU CHOOSE?


“Through movement we can enable  this frequency to expand throughout the body, heart  and to our whole being. In this sessions, we  will laugh, breathe and celebrate the Energy in motion that we are . This is a joyful, fun  and powerful  individual and collective prayer. Our frequency shapes our experience and by connecting consciously through the breath, and cantering on our heart in gratitude,  individually and collectively we raise the frequencies that we can embody and experience in our life. This  benefits everyone and everything.”

These sessions can be attended as a one off, however participants are encouraged to consider the possibility of committing to this as a regular practice for the month of February, as the power of a coherent group can magnify the benefits for everyone attending.


Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/412565799826769


These sessions will be offered for free for February. However, any donation you might be able to afford would be welcome and go to support both The Salisbury Centre and the facilitator. To donate please go here: www.salisburycentre.org/donate




By choosing to attend all participants are taking complete responsibility for their own wellbeing ——- For any concern,  each participant will also be fully responsible for seeking.  professional medical advice before attending this class


About Anne-Marie

Anne-Marie is passionate about self -empowerment and well-being. She has been training and studying many different modalities for over thirty years and brings all that she knows and is  into any offering. She started learning about Transformational Breath® in 2004 and loves to share conscious breathing to support wellbeing in aspects of life she loves the Salisbury centre and is so grateful to be part of the community and to know and be part of it thriving She feels it is a heart in Edinburgh


Please  contact Anne-Marie to join and  receive the recurring zoom link for the session  , anne-marie@yourtrueself.co.uk