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Creativity for Wellbeing Workshop

A Creativity for Wellbeing Workshop explores the creative in-between spaces. All are welcome to come and use the language of art for the purpose of exploration and discovery.  Art and craft materials are provided which suit both those who are, and those who are not, familiar with art making techniques. Materials include pencils, paints, magazine pictures for making collage, clay and more.

Attendees are invited to bring along any personal art projects that they would like to further explore and/or share. However, they are equally welcome to come empty handed but with a willingness to participate.

Numbers are limited, so booking via Eventbrite is required.

Do not let cash flow stand in the way of coming, if this is you, please contact Lindsay directly to make alternative arrangements eg. skills exchange.


About the workshop facilitator:

Lindsay Jane McBride Gibson is an Edinburgh-based process artist & workshop facilitator. Lindsay experiments with the exercise of creativity as a vital way with which we resource ourselves to balance strength and sensitivity. Lindsay seeks to demonstrate the power of each and every person’s sharing of their unique vision as vital to a healthy collective.


Tel: M: 07890 124 381     H: 0131 552 6522
Email: lindsaygibson77@gmail.com
Facebook: CreativityforWellbeing
Website: https://creativityforwellbeingworkshops.wordpress.com