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Creativity for Wellbeing

This series of three workshops builds on the Creativity for Wellbeing format which combines 1. relaxation, 2. making, 3. reflection and 4. sharing. We engage in these activities for the purpose of using the language of art to practise sharing truths with ourselves and one another (particularly the sorts of truths that wriggle away from verbal articulation)!

By committing to always including a garden in the workshop format, Lindsay has now opened up space for the educationally healing element of the workshops to be more visible. Each month’s workshop will build on the last. January’s will emphasise container building with physical objects and sensual, embodied mark making, February’s will focus on strengthening the ability to make truthful observations, and in March’s final workshop, participants will be invited to embrace and celebrate the empowering possibilities of their own creative agency as change makers, with natural and art materials, and beyond.

Art and craft materials are provided which suit both those who are, and those who are not, familiar with art making techniques.

There are eight places on this course. For further information and to book your place, please telephone or email Lindsay directly.

About the workshop facilitator:

Lindsay Jane McBride Gibson is an Edinburgh-based process artist & workshop facilitator. With qualifications in Human Geography, Drawing and Painting, Art Therapy, and Relaxation Therapy, Lindsay now experiments with the exercise of creativity as a vital way with which we resource ourselves and build capacity. Lindsay seeks to demonstrate the power of each and every person’s sharing of their unique vision as vital to a healthy collective.


Tel: M: 07890 124 381 H: 0131 552 6522
Email: lindsaygibson77@gmail.com

Website: https://creativityforwellbeingworkshops.wordpress.com

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