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Community Pilates

“Physical fitness can neither be achieved by wishful thinking nor outright purchase” – Joseph Pilates


Please check the class details below:


When: on Thursdays (weekly)

Cost: suggested donations for this class are: £5, £10 and £15.

How to attend: booking is essential, please email Tonde at moyomindandmovement@gmail.com

Room: mostly in the Art Room / occasionally in the Studio

Accessibility: Art Room (the room is fully accessible), Studio (the room is not accessible at the moment). The Salisbury Centre’s kitchen door and toilet are now wheelchair accessible. The Garden can also be accessed by wheelchairs via a movable ramp via the Art Room Annex.

Joseph Pilates believed that sickness and disease were mainly due to “modern” lifestyle, bad posture and inadequate breathing methods, which led him to devise a series of exercise and training techniques. It involves strengthening of the core with alignment, breathing, coordination and balance.

When we speak about the core, we mean the trunk as a whole. However, exercises for muscles that are not found to be the core are present. The pilates method strengthens lengthens and rebalances the body to work as optimally as possible.


About the Facilitator: Tonde Moyo

My journey with the body began in my twenties with martial arts, which I currently teach to adults and children. I continued my development with the study of massage, gym instruction and sports therapy. During a period of Injury I began Pilates classes.
I enjoyed it so much that I enrolled on a course to become a pilates instructor. 6 years later, I still find joy in teaching and self practice.


About donations: 

Participation in our community-led events is often on a voluntary ‘by donation’ basis. This means that nobody is expected to make a payment if they cannot afford to do so. However, any donations received will be shared between the Centre and the facilitator, helping to make the events’ programme sustainable as well as to provide some reciprocity towards community facilitators’ time and skills offered.

Where a “suggested donation” is listed, this is just an indication of what the event might cost if it was ticketed – it is fine to donate less (or nothing at all). Donating is one way to show your appreciation for the value of the Salisbury Centre. Please consider ‘paying it forward’ by donating a bit extra if you can afford, helping to keep it possible for everyone to take part, regardless of their circumstances.


To donate:  

  • bring cash on the evening, or  
  • donate online on  www.salisburycentre.org/donate  (using “Community Pilates” as REFERENCE).  
  • pay with card at the front door, please add a reference (eg. Pilates) using the pen icon top right on the pay-point screen 


If you cannot afford the event, please get in touch with the facilitator to request a free/discounted place.

This is an invitation to practice ‘Dana’ (generosity) – please pay only what you can afford to attend. 

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