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Body-Mind Somatic Movement Workshop

Testimonials from workshops participants:
  • ‘ I really enjoyed the workshop. I really enjoyed the part of homeostasis with the paint in the water and the exercises after to experience homeostasis with the dance with the others. The ‘experiential anatomy’ was also very inspiring to connect with our own body. And I surely enjoyed the somatic dance and connection with other people as well :)’Gulliermo
  • ‘What a gift it was, it really nourished my curiosity and my own practice and I’m so glad I came. I appreciated the varied stimuli to experience the same idea (images, partnerwork, outdoors, solo etc) as I think this really helps me process in a deeper way.’ Amy


  • ‘So glad I could attend your wonderful workshop today. So finely tuned and sensed in every way. A joy.
    I realise that though much of the movement work I do involves somatic work, I have never actually attended a workshop with a clear focus on somatic work. I found the use of images really helped the movement and talk sink in, and the simple experiment with coloured water in water opened up different levels of understanding. All still very alive in me. Thank you. I hope to attend another of your workshops one day.’Juliet
         Cost: 25£-45£
      To register: imprevistodanza@gmail.com