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Event Series Event Series: Body – Mind Ecology / Somatic Movement Workshop

Body – Mind Ecology / Somatic Movement Workshop

Body – Mind Ecology / Somatic Movement Workshop 

6th and 7th April ’24

11.30 – 3.30pm

        a weekend to grasp the embodiment of the ecological intelligence of the 

moving, perceiving body

This weekend will be dedicated to exploring the embodiment of ecological intelligence within the moving, perceiving body. Our focus will be on ecological Homeostasis, which is defined as a self-regulating process through which a living organism can maintain internal stability while adapting to changing external conditions.  Homeostasis is not a static and unchanging process; rather, it is dynamic and can adjust internal conditions as needed to survive external challenges. We will observe and facilitate this process within our body systems and the environment through movement and improvisation in the outdoor setting of the Salisbury garden, as weather permits. 

*Registration in advance is essential 

Suggested fee for both days £65 – £85 (Please contact me if you experience financial difficulties) Registration 2 week before the event is essential with a deposit of £20. Priority will be given to people wishing to attend both days.

If you like to hear more about it don’t hesitate to contact me

To register your attendance please contact monica: imprevistodanza@gmail.com

During these workshops, we will explore Somatic Movement (Body-Mind Centering* approach) to cultivate ecological embodiment and deepen our connection with ecosystems. By using movement, touch, voice, and mind, we will sense and perceive our embodied selves. We will nurture our connection with ourselves, tap into our creative potential, and express it. We will allow movement and voice to unfold spontaneously, respond to our surroundings, and be shared with others.  Somatic refers to the human ability to perceive through sensations that occur within our bodies. 

With Soma (from Greek: body), we embrace the living qualities of the body: breathing, movement, sensing, and perceiving body. In somatic exploration, the moving body is an instrument of knowledge.

Somatic Education is a field of exploration of movements, gestures and breath, starting from a sensory-motor and perceiving base.Body-Mind Centering (BMCSM) is one of these methods: its experiential approach is based on the study of movement, touch, vocal expression and conscious attention. BMC has its roots in dance, physiotherapy and in various meditation practices. Developed by Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen (1942), BMC involves an integrated anatomical study with physiological and psychophysical principles. It uses specific methodologies to investigate body systems and developmental movements.(bodymindcentering.com)

monica’s short bio

monica (RSME, IDME, PDA, PhD) is a mother of 9 years old daughter, movement and environmental advocate, dance artist , educator and performance maker. With extensive experience in artistic-environmental projects in the community she performs and creates work both in the UK and internationally. monica continually deepens her knowledge of the body, voice, rhythm, and ecology, and she is interested in developing multidisciplinary and inclusive approaches in performing arts and education. She has extensive experiences in choreographic research, movement mentoring for performance making. monica is qualified in Infant Developmental Movement Educator (IDME) and Somatic Movement Educator (SME) with Embody-Move (embody-move.co.uk), licensed by The School for Body-Mind Centering (BMC – www.bodymindcentering.com). She is a professional member of the International Somatic Movement Education and Therapy Association, ISMETA https://ismeta.org/.

Photo: Christian Wurzer