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Bliss Retreat Day

Come Join Connie, Cori and Hayley in a day retreat to honour yourself as we move into the season of self love. A time to reconnect to your heart and bring in pure bliss.

10 am – 5 pm the 14th of April

This full day is suitable for all fitness levels and genders. This event is also completely beginner friendly, all bodies are welcome. The option is there to listen to your own body and go at your own pace. Do only what you are comfortable doing.

Tickets are £65 per person, a community space is available for someone who requires it upon enquiry.

What the day consists of:

🌼 Kundalini Yoga

🌼 A Cacao Ceremony

🌼 Heart connected movement

🌼 Self reflection

🌼 Embodiment practice

🌼 Yoga Nidra

🌼 Channelled Meditation

🌼 Group exercises to connect to self and others


What you need to bring

🌸A bottle of water

🌸A journal and pen/pencil

🌸Vegetarian snacks and food to share

🌸Layers of clothes and anything else you may need to make yourself comfy.


We will start the morning with some Kundalini yoga lead by Hayley, which will get our energy rising and help us to become fully grounded and present within our bodies. This will include some breathwork and movement.

We will then open up our hearts to the sacred medicine of Mama Cacao. Cacao helps you to connect to your heart center, Mother Earth and those around you.

Connie will lead you in some self reflection focusing on our hearts, looking at how we give and recieve love. Before journeying deep within, to balance all parts of self, creating wholeness. She will end the session before lunch with some group exercises.

We will have a break for lunch where everyone can bring a dish or snack to share with each other as part of the community.

After Lunch Cori will end the retreat day with a connecting to the heart session. She will lead an embodiment practice where you are invited to connect mind, body and heart to feel deep compassion and self love. This will be followed by somatic movement to promote a sense of soothing and warmth. Finally, the session will be closed with a powerful heart connection nidra. This immersive session will encourage you to embody love in its purest form.

We hope you can join us in cultivating your inner Bliss and nurturing your heart.

Connie, Cori and Hayley x

Book DM by contacting  from KOA