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Black Feminism

A dialogue session about intersectional feminism with Nia Obed-Arthur (director of Black Feminist Space).

Navigating Black Feminism and Intersectionality in an androcentric and anti-Black society carries with it the difficulty of practicing a foreign art: that of consideration, critique and careful action. Nonetheless, it is necessary to the practice of effective Feminism, the procurement of justice and the pursuit of peace. Join us in our discourse session on Black Feminism and Intersectionality where we will unpick the two, identify where they fit in modern Feminist praxis, and realise its normalisation in our lifestyles.


This session is part of a series of dialogue events hosted by the BlackED Movement and The Salisbury Centre for their ‘Black Lives Matter – 1 Year On’ project. BlackED is an anti-racist organisation founded to uplift and support black people at Edinburgh University.


Supported by the University of Edinburgh’s Local Community Grants Scheme.

 Black Feminism image
 Black Feminism image