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Black Arts Matter – opening night

Join us for the opening of this special art exhibition and the launch of our ‘Black Lives Matter – 1 year on’ project.


An art exhibition showcasing the work of Black artists Michael Uzoramaka Jonathan, Olivia Yeneka & Barbara (AJOAFOA).

Come along to the opening night to hear from the artists, enjoy some stories from Mara the Storyteller, and find out about upcoming events in the ‘Black Lives Matter – 1 year on’ project. Light refreshments will be served.


About Michael

Michael Uzoramaka Jonathan is a Glasgow based artist who works in various media primarily painting. He is the owner of AFROSCOT, G-TOWN, UZOR, and A.SCOT Gallery. He hopes to encourage others to find themselves by looking outside of themselves through his multimedia projects.The artworks feature the infusion of African & Scottish culture. This is the theme which distinguishes Afro-Scot from other brands. UZOR hopes to share his own & others experiences as an African growing up in Scotland to demonstrate how conflicting cultural assimilation can be. We hope to demonstrate how cross-cultural influences can fire up creativity. The selected artworks explore how diversity leads to creativity. How will we break the cultural barrier that many Africans have struggled with? We hope our work will invoke an emotional response that connects to our identity.

About Olivia

Olivia Yeneka is a Scottish artist who mainly focuses on portraiture. Whilst studying at University, Olivia painted as a hobby which eventually led to the creation of a small business doing commissions and creating prints of her work. The theme of Olivia’s work is black bodies in portraiture. Her concern lies with making black people the subject of paintings and drawing attention to this in bright and bold colours. She expresses that there is great importance in diversifying artwork, particularly in predominantly white spaces and countries. She feels it allows black people to see themselves through the paintings and allows society to become more inclusive with exhibited art.

About Barbara

Coming soon


This art exhibition is hosted by the BlackED Movement and The Salisbury Centre as part of our ‘Black Lives Matter – 1 Year On’ project. BlackED is an anti-racist organisation founded to uplift and support black people at Edinburgh University.


Supported by the University of Edinburgh’s Local Community Grants Scheme.

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