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Beginners Mushroom Growing Workshop

Welcome to the Beginners Mushroom Growing Workshop!

At this workshop we will parse mushroom growing back to the basics and learn some simple techniques to get you going on a mushroom growing journey.

We’ll be keeping it simple and start with talking about selecting the right mushroom species, selecting the right substrate and inoculating substrate for growing indoors and outdoors.

At the end of the workshop, you will take home your own inoculated block that will fruit mushrooms for you to eat!

Please book your tickets here.


*All the supplies needed will be provided but if you want to bring along any buckets with lids up to 3 litres, we can show you how to re use these for mushroom growing.

*Please dress warm for this workshop which may be held in an outdoor space.

*If you do not want your picture take, please contact the organizer before hand to let them know.


£30 per ticket (excl. fees)

The price of the ticket goes towards materials and paying the facilitator fairly for their time. However, we do not want price to be a barrier, so there is a subsidized option to attend for a donation for those who need it. There are a limited number of these tickets available so please only chose this option if you are facing financial hardship.

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About the Organizer

Some Funguys is a low tech/low waste gourmet mushroom farm producing a variety of gourmet mushroom grow at-home kits and mushrooms in the heart of the city of Edinburgh.

Developed out of a passion for mycology, foraging and a drive to not sit around during the COVID-19 pandemic, we started researching and developing low tech, low waste mushroom production.
Through our workshops and courses, we give people the tools for them to produce choice edible mushrooms in their own home.

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