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Authentic Relating Workshop

How many conversations have you had that just skim the surface of your inner world?

How many relationships feel dull, repetitive and inauthentic?

How many times this week, month or year did you feel seen? …And what did that feel like?

How do you feel when another human really invites you to see them?

AUTHENTIC RELATING TRIBE EDINBURGH is a space where people come together to create meaningful connection through authentic relating. To see the world full of wonder and EXCITEMENT, the way a child sees it, is to remember who we truly are. Let’s explore what it’s like to shift our perspective from the status quo of social conventions to the place of endless possibilities where we creatively engage with each other through PLAY and CURIOSITY.

This invitation goes out to all, those that experienced the wonders of authentic relating before, those that are new to it, those that are curious, those that are unsure and afraid.
Come and emerge into a ROOM FULL OF STRANGERS and leave with MEANINGFUL CONNECTIONS.

But what the heck is AUTHENTIC RELATING?

Authentic Relating is the practice of acting and speaking in alignment with our inner feelings, desires and needs, allowing us to weave a more rich and truthful human experience.

The THEME of this workshop will be: INTIMACY

The Salisbury Centre has a weekly community soup supper on Monday Evenings, starting between 18:00 and 18:30h. You are also warmly invited to join the soup supper before the workshop.

Suggested donation: £5

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