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Art Exhibition Drop-in time

An open exhibition time slot to come and explore freely the ongoing art exhibition.


“Join Trudy in  this “expressionist exhibition exploring the self”.  A journey through art, emotion and self-reflection at the Salisbury Centre in an exhibition, exploring portraiture and figurative painting in an expressive, representational style. It is a brave expression of self through vivid colour and imagery – an exhibition focusing on inner states and emotions.’


You can book a place to any of the art exhibition related events below at this link: Eventbrite


’Watching Within’’ exhibition opening

Equinox – September 24th Saturday

The viewer can immerse themselves into the story and style of each work. There will be an opportunity to title each work, to describe the lingering emotions and to express anything unsaid on a big community board.  There will be refreshments and an invitation to explore other going-ons in the centre.



Workshop 1 ‘’Reading Within’’

Wednesday, 28th September, 7pm-8pm


This visionary workshop will focus on connecting with your inner self while recognising the emotion portrayed in each painting. There will be an opportunity to write a story or a poem through the lens of the painting, recognizing certain reflective questions prompted by the painting, sharing your experiences with others in the room.

Questions may include: ”Why did it take me so long to look at this painting portraying fear? What am I afraid of? ”


Workshop 2 ‘’Letters to the soul with Marta’

 11th of October, 7pm-9pm

Creative writing workshop with Marta – writing poetry, exhibiting poetry and learning how to stay in touch with your inner self, admiring it for its feeling, for its bravery and for its honesty.  There will be an opportunity to write letter and comfort your inner self:
‘’Dear fearful one,

I know you are afraid, but I am here for you’’.


Workshop 3 – ‘’Accepting, loving, looking, not fixing’’

Sunday, 16th of October, 6.30pm-20:30

Bring a mirror with you! Workshop learning to appreciate yourself – learning to look at yourself and admire your being, trying to capture on paper in all its colours and styles, all the flaws and humane beauties.


Workshop 4 ‘’Move without consequence?’’

Thursday, 20th of October, 7pm-9pm

Movement, music, theatre integrated workshop with Andrea.
It will focus on letting your body go, letting it experience the movements it wishes to experience, letting it dance in a raw, unpracticed, improvised way when it is at its purest. Expressing yourself through voice, dialogue, movement and putting the colour and style into that.



 Workshop 5 ‘’People are all we’ve got’’

 Monday, 24th of October, 5pm-6.45pm

Bring a partner with you! This workshop is all about connecting and admiring each other. Capturing each other in portrait form upon description is the main goal – they describe you to you (how they see you!) and you draw, paint, illustrate!
” I admire the eyes you have, they are round and full of love”.
”Your smile is wide and it brightens the room”.

Once everyone is a little more comfortable, some body painting is in order! Just go crazy – and remember to always attempt to capture the person in front of you in colours, symbols and words.


Exhibition Closing – Samhain

Monday, 30th of October,  3pm-6pm

One last look at the painting – examining how your feelings towards them have changed (if they have changed) – an invitation to write a letter to your fear, your love, your sadness, to share it around the fire circle, burn it or keep it – most importantly, believe in that freedom you have with your emotions, that it’s you who owns them, and they are yours to keep or let go.



Booking a place on some of the workshops related to the exhibition:

Eventbrite: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/watching-within-an-expressionist-exhibition-by-trudy-tickets-414564061267

About Trudy

A student of many things, a creator of numerous trinkets and a connector of all kinds of people. Painting has been with me ever since I could hold a paintbrush, and inspiring people around me have kept me going. I love learning from the world, from people and from myself, which reflects deeply in my work, dominated by vivid colours and simple, yet effective subject matter – faces and bodies. I attempt to celebrate the sensitivity and pureness of what means to be human – and how glorious and scary it may sometimes feel.
Link: https://www.instagram.com/kalvynaite/