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Anti-Oppression Session Disability and Ableism

Wednesday 11th May 14:00-16:00

For this weeks Anti-Oppression session we will be screening a 40 minute talk created by local collective Reclaiming Justices giving you a basic in understanding disability in the UK regarding history, models and dominant narratives disability. Some of the creators will be coming allong to feed into discussion as well as give some exercises to explore our own realtionship to disability.
Everybody possesses inherent prejudices that we carry in our daily lives. Ableism is present at all levels of society, often left unspoken, it is the essence of othering, stating what is desirable and not desirable. It is an ugly issue to address and is often left at the bottom of the pile when doing anti-oppression work in activism including anti-racism work, anti-sexism work etc. In reality this means that addressing ableism meaningfully forces us to direct the lens of attention onto ourselves to start to understand and unpick these patterns of behavior we belive this talk is a great starting point.

About the speaker:
Emily identifies as a disabled-disability and climate crisis activist. For the last 2 years Emily has been a highly active member of the Glasgow Disability Alliance, a charity by disabled people for disabled people focusing on advocacy and rights for disability in Scotland. She has been a part of the Drivers for change group pressuring the government for policies and education including writing the material and reviewing it with the government. Since the age of 17 she has been involved in the zeitgeist movement of a resource based economy and social movement science. Emily also has been involved in digital privacy/rights and hacker-space autonomy which she has applied in the context of speaking out against unjust police surveillance.

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These sessions will take place on the ground floor and will be wheelchair accessible.
We have a disabled access toilets and all our toilets are all gender.

Donations are encouraged, if possible, for you and will be shared between the facilitators and the markers of the materials used.
Do not let this be a barrier to participation. Nobody will be turned away for lack of funding.
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If you would like to get in touch with us prior to the event please email – chloe@salisburycentre.org

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