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A Place for Us: Self-Care for Womxn and Non-Binary Folks of Colour

“For those of us existing within the margins, the act of caring for oneself is inextricably political. To unwrap ourselves and each other from the violent systems that impose themselves on us. Resting toward freedom, asking: how can I support my wholeness? How can I ask others to support me in being whole? It is not without community. It is not without connecting deeply, with oneself, with each other, with ancestors, with source.” – Blache Marie

Moving towards a deeper practice of healing and self-care as womxn and non-binary folks of colour requires radical truth: the truth that the care and attention from which we operate must start here. Within us. With us. Especially when navigating a world that tethers itself onto our emotional, mental and spiritual labour, the process of choosing oneself is a reiteration of resistance.

A Place for Us is a free and re-occurring facilitated community space curated for and by womxn and non-binary folks of colour. Drawing on symbols of the loved self forwarded by Audre Lorde, Toni Morrison, Gloria Anzaldúa, Nikki Giovanni, Bhanu Kapil, and more, the intentionality behind this space is one of collective tenderness, inner awakening & radical care.

If you’re interested in contributing to facilitation, or, if you have any further questions and/or concerns, please email Sania Khan at office@salisburycentre.org.