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Kirtan-Inspired Chanting for Health & Harmony

You are warmly invited to a heart opening evening of chanting, music, harmonies & healing.

Chanting offers a chance for pain relief from such illness’, tuning into and releasing tensions in our body and bringing a sense of inner harmony, helping our bodies to heal to full health faster. Kirtan it is a participatory, call and response form of singing/chanting, originally from India. It is becoming increasingly popular throughout western society as people discover the uplifting and healing effects of chanting together (though similar practices are rooted in various cultures and religions globally).

This is an inclusive space where we welcome people of any or no religion/spiritual practice. At a Kirtan event, the lines between musician and audience are blurred: the audience members play a vital role in the music through their singing in response to the “call“ of the artists.

Musicians and ceremonial facilitators Katie and Francesco will create and hold a space of relaxation, healing and joy through shared songs from India and the Celtic lands.

Cost: Sliding scale £12 / £15

The purpose of the sliding scale is that those with greater means pay more so that it is accessible to those who can’t afford as much. If money is an issue, please don’t worry and join us anyway (and if you want you can give whatever you can afford). We’d rather for you to be there!

For more information, visit the Facebook event page.