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Community Therapies – Holistic Massage with Beth

Welcome to our donation-based community therapies – offered by a growing team of therapists who wish to offer their skills in this special place in Edinburgh.

Essential info:

  • Treatments will be 30-40 minutes long.
  • New clients will be asked to complete a client form prior to your treatment.
  • A deposit of £5 will be requested upon booking to avoid ‘no shows’. After your treatment this deposit can be either refunded or added to with a donation of your choice. All donations will be shared between the Centre and the therapists.
  • If you need to cancel you will receive a refund (minus small eventbrite fee) if you give 48 hours notice.
  • The Salisbury Centre has one accessible toilet with grip rails.
  • Massage treatments may be in the same room with screens.To book click here

Holistic Massage with Beth

My name is Beth and I am a fully qualified therapist in Holistic Therapeutic Massage. My motivation in this work is to offer a space of deep rest and relaxation. I believe in the body’s innate capacity to heal itself; sometimes all we need is a safe space to allow ourselves to let go and be at one. On a physiological level, as well as reducing pain due to muscular tension, massage also increases the flow of blood and lymph fluid, which is essential for good health. On a spiritual level, being held in the care of another and letting go into timeless time facilitates a space in which you can listen deeply to yourself and hear the quieter murmurings of your being. I offer a space in which the wisdom of your body and soul can rise up and be known.

The term ‘holistic’ refers to an integrated and intuitive approach, grounded in an anatomical understanding of the body and learnt techniques, whilst being led by deep listening, embodied sensing and intuition. I will work with you to find the right pressure, and can be as light or as deep as you need.

I am really happy to be involved with the Community Therapies Clinic at the Salisbury Centre because I want to live in a world where these therapies are not reserved for those who can afford it, and this initiative moves us in that direction.

I am fully trained with the Edinburgh School of Holistic Therapy, insured with Balens Insurance and registered with the MTI (Massage Training Institute).

Email: hawthornbeth33@gmail.com

Therapist’s website: https://www.holistictherapywithbeth.co.uk/

Event page: https://www.salisburycentre.org/therapists-working-from-the-centre/community-therapies/

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