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Community Therapies

Join our Community Therapies on Friday the 29th of September for our last September session. More coming soon!

Each therapists will be offering treatments 30 minute treatments by donation however, no one will be turned away due to lack of funding.

Donations help fund the Centre and the therapists.

Acupuncture sessions are on offer.

Meet our community therapist below:

My name is Ron and I practice Traditional Chinese Medicine–primarily Acupuncture. I am licensed in the City of Edinburgh, as well as the state of Michigan in the US, and I have been practicing for over a decade. I mix a wide variety of techniques, from TCM to Five Elements, but believe that using gentle methods get the best results, at least in my experience.

For your session, arrive at your posted time and if it is your first treatment with me, there will be a short intake form. Otherwise, sit comfortably or lay out, and I will check your pulses–six on each wrist. After this, I will start at your feet and gently place needles, about 20, on your legs, arms, neck, and occasionally scalp. You are always welcome to ask any questions you might have, and if you would rather not have certain areas treated (some people don’t like having their feet touched, for example), just let me know! There are plenty of other good points we can use. After the needles are set, relax for about half an hour. If you should feel ready to get up at any time, just let me know. I believe that is your body saying it is done with the treatment, and the needles are ready to come out.

After a treatment, some people feel something right away, but most feel something after a sleep cycle or two. Drink lots of good water, though with our evening sessions, maybe just a little so you are not up all night, then see what you notice over the next couple of days.

My treatments provide an alternative to mainstream medicine, without medication, and with little to no side effects. I am happy to help with physical and emotional concerns, as acupuncture is a tool for balance of mind, body, and spirit.

Questions are always welcome, and I can be reached at ron.hough.lac@gmail.com or texts/calls at 07843 786426.

Thank you very much!

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