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Soul Contour: Monthly personal growth meet-up

Soul Contour: Monthly personal growth meet-up

The biggest moments of personal growth happen in connection with others. Soul Contour makes more of those moments possible. In this monthly meet-up, we’re creating a structured, guided space for you to:

  • Reconnect with yourself and reflect on the bigger picture of your life
  • Share your process with others and be deeply heard
  • Bring questions you’re wrestling with, and use the help of the community to decide your next steps (while helping others do the same!)

Alongside the nourishing connections, we’re now also offering nourishing a meal together! A delicious vegan and gluten-free lunch will be provided at the end. Sharing food is a great opportunity to interact with each other in a less structured way and solidify connections.

If this sounds like a plan for your Saturday morning – read on for more details.


What is actually going to happen?

In this space, we don’t do personal growth through setting goals, improving ourselves, etc. We take a “soft” approach, which means emphasizing self-awareness and self-acceptance. From here, organic growth naturally flows!

During the meet-up, we work with three levels of connection.

Personal. Connecting to yourself before connecting to others is always a good idea. That’s why we start with a deep sharing space, collective rest, and creative self-reflection.

Relational. Other people can help you see new things about yourself. Through playing Authentic Relating games, we share deep listening and honest reflection with each other.

Group ritual. For thousands of years, humans have created meaningful experiences together through shared rituals. The ones in Soul Contour are guided by the natural elements: Water, Earth, Air, and Fire.

Overall, we create a safe container where we nurture our souls together. Sounds kind of like your cup of tea but you’re still not sure? Email Marta at marta@contour.events with any questions!

Practical info

The next Soul Contour will happen on 20th May, from 9:30 am – 1:30 pm. Please aim to arrive a few minutes early to settle in the room (and have some tea if you want!)

  • We’re meeting in the Art Room on the ground floor.
  • There will be a maximum of 15 participants.
  • We’ll have a 15-minute break around halfway through the meetup. Then at the end (around 1pm), we’ll serve a delicious, gluten-free and vegan lunch.
  • Tickets are offered on a sliding scale: £19, £26, or £33. Please feel into what you can contribute and choose the appropriate price.
  • Included in the price is: facilitation of the activities, all materials, the lunch at the end, and a lot of care and support from us. 🙂
  • Let us know upon booking if you have any allergies – we’ll try to accommodate them!


Booking Information

To book please click here


About Contour Events

This meetup is hosted by Contour Events – or, Marta and Szymon. 🙂 A few months ago, we joined forces to run events that bring people and communities closer together. You can find out more info on https://contour.events (although the website is still in development!)

Marta is a facilitator, writer, and community weaver. She started the Authentic Connection Group at the Salisbury Centre, and has done work with many other groups around mindfulness and communication. She holds a post-grad diploma in Mindfulness and Compassion, and has trained as an Authentic Relating Facilitator.

Szymon is… writing his bio at the moment. 😉

Here’s what people have said about previous events:

“I came across Marta’s Authentic Relating events in Edinburgh and have been hooked ever since. When I arrived I was helped to feel very at ease, I had little idea what the evening would be about! Exercises were well explained and a lot of fun. It is incredible to come away from a gathering with such a feeling of deep connection and wellbeing.” – Kas Berys

“I really really love Marta’s facilitation style. She speaks from the heart with feet on the ground and eyes and arms wide and welcoming. She is playful and joyful and unjudgemental, and this helps to create a space that feels safe to experiment in new ways.” – Beth Thomas

“These interactions gave me important feedback to re-examine and re-evaluate mental and emotional processes, like tendencies to leave behind, attributes to develop, etc. I strongly believe that lots of people will deeply benefit from these meetings, realizing the fact (sooner or later) that every interaction works as a mirror, reflecting back what we are giving/sending out.” – Kostas Makrys



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