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Event Series Event Series: 2024 Surrender Workshops with KOA

Surrender Workshops with KOA

I am bringing together my experience and knowledge of somatics, embodiment, yoga, mindfulness and compassion to offer 4 workshops linked to surrender. Surrender to me is about acceptance, awareness and empowerment.

Price: £25 per workshop, £20 KOA regulars, 2 community spaces per workshop/pay what you can

Each workshop will have the same format:

Introduction to the theme

Coming together and connection circle

Somatic, embodiment and mindfulness practices linked to the theme

Closing circle

February: 22nd surrendering to compassion 

We will look at Paul Gilbert’s emotional regulation systems and the different parts to our self. How can we relate to them, embrace them, surrender to and accept them. How can we actively practice compassion practices. We will practice a combination of compassion focussed and somatic/embodiment practices. The aim will be to find a connection with our bodies and manage any triggers to guilt, shame, the self critic in a healthier way.

May:  14th surrendering to change 

I will offer a brief introduction to the nervous system and how it reacts to changes, feel activated and how this impacts us. We will use various mindfulness, embodiment and somatic practices to explore how the body embodies change. The aim will be to explore how we can surrender to and accept change as well as find ways to regulate when we are struggling with how change presents in our bodies.

September: 10th surrendering to acceptance 

I will offer an introduction to the nervous system and we will explore how we often struggle with acceptance which can result in emotions getting stuck in our bodies. Through various practices including mindfulness and somatic/embodiment we will explore how we can embody acceptance and perhaps even encourage shifts of emotion in our bodies.

December: 12th surrendering to rest

I will offer an introduction to the power of rest and why we need to make time to rest in order to allow our bodies to restore. We will explore rest through various embodiment, somatic and mindfulness practices. This session will include a nidra practice.


A little about me

My name is Cori & my brand is KOA. I’m based in Edinburgh, Scotland. I have lived all over the world but call Scotland home. In addition to English, I speak Swiss German, German, French. I have been married for over 24 years and we have a cat called Leo who is the love of our lives. I love being outdoors, motor biking, poetry, scuba diving and animals.

I am a trauma informed practitioner which means I make my offerings inclusive, collaborative and empowering.

I offer:

– yoga (vinyasa, restorative, yin, nidra, mindful, trauma informed)

– systemic coaching

– reiki therapy/training (human/animals)

-sound therapy/experiences

– mindfulness (advanced trauma sensitive practitioner).

– trauma informed yoga and embodiment/somatic work

I am a member of the European Coaching Association, reiki federation, UK mindfulness teacher register, yoga alliance and fully insured.

What to expect from me as a practitioner:

– Your individual needs to be acknowledged

– Bespoke 1to1 wellbeing offerings for your needs

– Bespoke wellbeing group offerings

– Respect, inclusivity, empowerment, witnessing your journey

– Trauma informed

– A holistic approach to wellbeing

– Authenticity and openness

– Meet you where you are

– Bespoke

I am passionate about what I offer and aim to encourage each individual to find a connection to their body, mind and heart with my practices.

You can find out more about me:





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