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Event Series Event Series: The 7-Fold journey of healing through the chakras (50th Anniversary)

The 7-Fold journey of healing through the chakras (50th Anniversary)

*** This Event is part of the 50th Anniversary Themed programme of The Salisbury Centre. The programme will culminate in a Celebration week on June 18th – 25th June 2023 – Check our event page to find out more!




By Sara Trevelyan – Salisbury Centre Trustee, Healing practitioner Assisted by Croilan (Greta Pattison) Teacher of yoga and Celtic Consciousness

Talk: Friday April 14th : 19:00 – 21:00 pm

An introduction to the chakras which offer an energetic blue print for our unfolding potential in life. Our consciousness and understanding evolves through these different centres as we move from the ROOT, the place of trust and belonging, to the SOLAR PLEXUS where we have a sense of our personal power, to the HEART where we expand our capacity to give and receive love, to the higher centres where at the most subtle level we can experience our true place of belonging and oneness with all of life. We will explore how this MAP OF CONSCIOUSNESS can support us in our lives and how our wounds, which interrupt the flow of these life giving energies, seek our compassion and healing. Living with an understanding of the RAINBOW BRIDGE helps us to connect heaven and earth, and see how we can truly shine our light.


Workshop: Saturday April 15th: 10.00 – 18.00 pm

Needs full day commitment

In this workshop we will be taking a more experiential approach to exploring the chakras. This will involve letting go of outer concerns and taking time to listen more deeply to the different energetic centres – awakening and enlivening them through movement, meditation, and sharing the seed sounds together. It’s a rich journey to take in the company of others. An introduction to the unlimited potential which we all have to live life fully, deeply and meaningfully through understanding the wisdom which is encoded within us. Awakening the chakras helps us to live a balanced, healthy, joyful and spiritually fulfilled life. Even a day to experience this is a gift to ourselves.



Both events are being offered by donation – to cover the costs of the room and support the Salisbury Centre.

Please give generously if you can– (£5-10 for the talk & £20-30 for the workshop suggested) . Lunch: please bring something to share


To book: Please book your place through sending an email to:   morningstar.sara@googlemail.com



About the Facilitator:

Dr Sara Trevelyan – Psychotherapist, Energy healer, Interfaith minister, Salisbury Centre Trustee

I have lived in Edinburgh for nearly 40 years, as a mother bringing up my two children, co-director with my ex-husband Jimmy Boyle of the Gateway Exchange for 10 years in the 90s, running a therapy centre in Inverleith called the Mews for 20 years, as a therapist, counsellor, energy healer and more recently interfaith minister. The Salisbury Centre has a special place in my heart as a place for spiritual and personal growth, also for the creative arts.  I am a regular visitor to Findhorn and am committed to supporting a living connection between this long standing spiritual community and the Salisbury Centre – both are places of light, hope and inspiration for those following their inner calling, whose deepest desire is to lead a heart centred, nature based and ecologically sustainable way of life.

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