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Our BlogCONTACT with-in … touching the earth, opening the body to the sky!

CONTACT with-in … touching the earth, opening the body to the sky!

16 Nov 20

by Monica De Loanni


Hello everyone, it’s Monica here,

I have been running weekly Somatic Movement classes/workshops here at The Salisbury Center for the past 2 and a half years. Since I started to teach here I always felt very blessed to offer Somatic Movement practice in this space.  Here I find myself very empowered and supported. At the moment I am running outdoor classes in the garden and both myself and the participants can’t really explain how much we appreciate and love this space again and again each time we are here.

Every time I enter the garden before everyone still comes I feel a sense of trust and support ever felt before.

This place it’s so special to me! As a facilitator of relational and experiential learning I value the space as a fundamental ground to allow participants to express their potential to thrive through play and trust.

Here we can all flourish!

In these classes we explore Body-Mind Centering* principles within Nature. We work eyes closed, vocalising, visualising and experiencing our anatomical structure and body systems. Together we develop a deep sense of embodiment and our own knowledge of the moving body. We nourish our connection with oneself, our creative potential and its expression. We let movement and voice spontaneously unfold, respond to the surrounding and share our experience with others.

Though Somatic Movement Practice we develop a deep sense of embodiment together with your own individual and unique knowledge and awareness of the moving body. This supports and inspires both our everyday life situations and the wider adventures of our life.

I like to share here one of the testimonials from class participants:

I’ve been doing Somatic Movement Classes with Monica at The salisbury Centre for a couple of years now. I think this is my third year. I came to find ‘moving’ after very long cerebrally-orientated years, if one could say that. I didn’t know what to expect at all. I wasn’t familiar with BMC as a method. But when I finally did it, it was such a mind-body opening experience. I’m not saying this just for the sake of it. I’m visibly more attuned to my body and its mutability. Monica’s classes have this all encompassing quality that I cherish very much.  The different components allow to transition from internal/cellular to external/communal constantly. Working with touch, contact improvisation, moving together (physically more distanced now perhaps), our own vocal expressions to sounding together, your classes provide such rich experience of being in a body, not only the body on a molecular/structural level but also the body that is part of the community and nature. I experience not only being held by my body but at the same time being held by my community during the classes. It can be vulnerable, nourishing, playful, strong, wild, chaotic yet grounding at the same time.  It’s a celebration of being in a body and being alive with all its aspects 🙂

We also had fun filming our experience 🙂
After the class we had a filming session introducing in our moving experience the camera and the option to frame what we liked in turns.
Please have a look at the videos below

Love and Movement to all of you!
Performing Artist – Dance&Arts Educator
Registered Somatic Movement Educator (ISMETA)

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