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Our BlogCALL-OUT for Springtime Contributions!

CALL-OUT for Springtime Contributions!

25 Feb 21

This is an invitation for volunteers, room-hirers, and all those who are part of our wide and diverse community.

What do you have to share with us this Spring? Let’s explore new ways for our community to connect, and nurture one another. 

After the long winter, spring is peeping out of the ground – and so are we! What is giving you the energy to pop your head up above the soil? Connect with the Salisbury Centre community by sharing something you love.

Read on to find out how you can take part in our spring programme – kicking off with the Spring Equinox 🙂


There are two ways to get involved:

1. Send us a wee offering in any format, which we will share online during the Spring Equinox weekend (20th-21st March). This could be a video, photograph, piece of writing, audio recording, workshop or artwork!

2. Offer a workshop (we can support you with this if you are new to running workshops!) for our community-led programme that will run throughout the spring.

We hope to inspire each other with a wellspring of activities that make our hearts sing 🙂


Offerings for the Spring Equinox

What sort of thing can I share?

Invite us into an activity you love to do at this time of year … or something that’s nurturing you just now … or something that’s been brewing through lockdown – now it’s time to show it, and share it with us!

It might be… a playlist you created through Lockdown that you love to dance to… your favourite morning stretching routine… a song you love to sing… a cake you learnt to bake… something crafty you’ve learned to make… something you love to forage in the spring… a poem or some reflections… an inspiring online resource … or a springtime activity to get us outside and appreciate the coming season…


How can I share it?

You can share with us in whatever way feels fun for you – 

Make a short video tutorial or offer an online workshop (see below!), write to us (poems, stories and reflective writing all welcome!), record yourself singing, or talking about what you love, send a photograph or make some art! Send it by email, or even in the post!

Please send in your contributions by 14th March, so that we have time to compile them for online sharing. If you would like to offer an online workshop, please get in touch as soon as you can, so that we have time to promote it!


Where can I send my contribution?

Please send all contributions and queries to Susannah, at community@salisburycentre.org. She is a smiling sunflower, and is always happy to help by telephone or by email.


Offering a Spring Workshop

If you would like to share something in a more extensive format such as a workshop, we would love that too! The Online Spring Equinox Celebration will mark the launch of the Salisbury Centre “Springing back into Community”  new event programme. 

This is similar to the previous Salisbury Centre quarterly community-event programme (although Online) and the workshop programme will run from the Spring Equinox weekend till the end of April. We would love to receive submissions from all our community members.

Read on to see what option would best suit you:


A) I would like to offer a workshop/event and I am confident/experienced enough to do so

If you are a room hirer and/or experienced facilitator and would like to run a workshop as part of the programme please get in touch with Francesco at events@salisburycentre.org to discuss what you’d like to offer.   Any help in promoting the event would be greatly appreciated and the donations received for these workshops will be split between the facilitator and the Salisbury Centre.


B) This feels exciting but scary, and I would need some support…

If you’re reading this and thinking “this sounds exciting, but I wouldn’t know where to begin…” – please get in touch with us! Our community team is here to support you every step of the way.

If you need any kind of support – someone to collaborate with, technical support, or just someone to talk through your idea with – please get in touch with Susannah at community@salisburycentre.org

If you have a passion, we are here to help you share it 🙂


With love,

The Salisbury Centre Community Team

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