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Our BlogBuilding works updates – a New Centre is coming!

Building works updates – a New Centre is coming!

30 Oct 20

by Ailsa and Ragbir, Volunteer Project Managers & Trustees

Whilst Coronavirus is restricting many of our social and community events it has allowed us to begin a schedule of building work. Currently work is underway to change the former laundry room into one accessible toilet and one W.C. This has meant the corridor leading to the kitchen/ library has had to be widened, with structural support to allow a wider access door too. A new boiler has also been installed, finally retiring it’s rather ancient predecessor.

Outside a new slab path is planned to allow disabled access to the building.

We’ve also installed fire walls to the studio stairs and a relatively minor but noticeable improvement is the addition of a handrail on the studio stairwell and radiators in the existing toilets.

The removal of the asbestos wallpaper , Chrysotile, has meant there has been a lot of plastering and  decorating to do. Five to six weeks worth. The library will get a full makeover as will the office and corridors.

As with any building project it has at times been one step forward, two steps back. Our beautiful Centre has been around for 200 years and there’s been a few ghosts of building works past to contend with. The main building work should be completing in the next week or two, thereafter as the decorating progresses we hope the Centre will be finished in December, hopefully to coincide with easing of restrictions. ( Fingers crossed).

Going forward we hope to tackle those areas not currently included , like stair flooring, Community Kitchen and the studio as funds and priorities allow.

Ailsa and Ragbir, Volunteer Project Managers & Trustees

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