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Our BlogBuilding progresses @ the Salisbury Centre!

Building progresses @ the Salisbury Centre!

14 May 21

The Salisbury Centre community is blessed to have some generous, awesome and committed volunteers who have been leading on following the process of repair , upgrade and beautifying of the Salisbury Centre building!

Here below you can read a short update about the current state of things as well as what will be the focus on future improvements!


All the building sub-committee members are very pleased with general results and completion of installing the new disable toilets as well as the widened entrance corridor to increase accessibility. Few small jobs are yet to be finished but the toilets are operational and that’s exciting!

Plans for the near future:

  • Investigate how to enable wheelchair access into garden (main garden door is difficult, Art room door easier)
  • We expect the next big (expensive, slightly disruptive) job to be: repairing the bay window of the Library/Studio (see photos below). There is some wet rot and the flat roof needs redone before it starts leaking.
  • Next, we still need to install sound proofing between Studio and Kitchen/Library. There are different options and we need to investigate what the difference in costs and effectiveness would be.
  • As far as making the Centre look nicer, the Beautiful Salisbury committee is looking at improving the kitchen. While many community members are are used to it the way it is,  many improvements have been considered with no much extra cost.
  • Finally, the  redecorating and replacing of cushions and furniture is on the agenda for a not so far away future!
  • In the Garden, the metal porch is in need of repair and repainting.


Here some photos of how the new interior currently looks!




And finally some memories of how the process of the building work looked :).. It was not easy but I guess it was good to go through a process of demolition to then come back with a much more beautiful centre!



Next, the building sub-committee is going  to tackle the repair of the following areas :



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