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Autumn Equinox: Leaves & Seeds

18 Sep 20

Today we’re delighted to be hosting a small community celebration in the garden in the honour of the Autumn Equinox (which this year takes place on the 22nd of September). In this blog post we share a reflective exercise that you can do at home, if you’re not able to join us today. 


At the Autumn Equinox the balance between light and darkness shifts as we enter the darker part of the year’s cycle. From this point onwards, until the Spring Equinox, the nights will be longer than the days.

 At this time of the year we celebrate this summer’s harvest in its many forms, and decide what to leave behind and what to carry into the darkness of the coming season. We prepare for the winter practically, emotionally and spiritually. The intentions we set around this time will stay with us throughout the winter and carry us into the light of the spring to come!

In the next few days we invite you, alone or with others, to take some time to reflect on the ‘seeds’ you’re bringing with you, and the ‘leaves’ you choose to shed this Equinox. You’re welcome to use the question prompts below, and respond in words and/or images. You can keep the piece(s) of paper in a special place over the winter, or plant your ‘seeds’ somewhere in a  garden or a natural place you love. 



What are you thankful for, in this season of plenty?

What are you ‘harvesting’ from the spring and summer past?

(This year’s harvest creates the compost for next year’s growth, like in the garden!)



What would you like to carry with you into the winter season?

What seeds do you want to nurture in preparation for the spring?

What are your hopes, wishes or intentions?



What are you happy to leave behind, like the autumn leaves of a tree?

At this time of shifting balance, what would you like to change?


You may want to offer your ‘leaves‘ to a fire with its transforming energy, or release them in some other way. 

If you feel like sharing any of your reflections, you can join the Salisbury Centre Community group on Facebook or tag us on Instagram using #thesalisburycentre and #autumnequinox- we’d love to hear from you.


Wishing you a beautiful Autumn Equinox!


What Else
by Carolyn Locke
The way the trees empty themselves of leaves,
let drop their ponderous fruit,
the way the turtle abandons the sun-warmed log,
the way even the late-blooming aster
succumbs to the power of frost—
this is not a new story.
Still, on this morning, the hollowness
of the season startles, filling
the rooms of your house, filling the world
with impossible light, improbable hope.
And so, what else can you do
but let yourself be broken
and emptied? What else is there
but waiting in the autumn sun?

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